• We are unable to offer refunds for washed and cut fabric. Please ensure fabric is inspected within 7 days of receiving.
  • If you are unhappy with a fabric, you are responsible for return postage/shipping of the unwashed and uncut fabric. Refunds will be processed after receiving the item and it has been inspected.
  • Whimsy Baby Customs is not accountable for any wear and use issues from the fabric, such as fading, piling, or color bleeding, unless this is a defect and multiple complaints have been received.  Please do inform us if there are any concerns with your fabric so we can ensure others are not having the same concerns.  Please see our recommended fabric washing instructions to help prevent fading of natural cotton fabrics.
  • Flaws which can be covered by a quarter within 5 inches of the edges of a digital custom printed fabric is not considered a flaw, and is in fact quite normal with custom knits. Because flaws are quite common, 5 meters and up will not be guaranteed to be in a continuous cut although we will attempt to when possible. If this is an issue, please message ahead of the order, stating this.  If you do receive fabric with a flaw, please check the measurements of the cut- we will add extra to account for the flaw. 
  • Tiny white specs or dots through the fabric is also considered normal and not a flaw.
  • We cannot guarantee that retail fabric will have consecutive cuts.  Although we will try, you may receive it in 1 m or 2 m increments.
  • We do not accept returns on cut fabric. Other items may be returned within 14 days of the purchase, as long as they are unused and unopened. Buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping, other than in the case of a manufacturers defect or if you have received the wrong item. 
  • Cancellations: Once an order is cut, you cannot cancel your order.  Any preorder cancellations are subject to a restocking fee of 10%.  Cancellations will also result in a strike.  Two strikes and you will be removed from the associated facebook group.
  • Any hostile or abusive language in communications on social media will not be tolerated, and will also result in a strike.  We are a drama llama free zone- except for our awesome drama llama panel which we hope you will check out ;-)